Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Ok, I've had a decent camera and a lightbox for about 2 years. I was never really happy with the result. My business name is a nickname I have for a while. I was looking for a decor that would unified all my pictures in order to have certain flow on my Etsy shop.

I've collection clutter for a while, with in mind, eventually have a purpose for it. You never know! So I started to dig in my stuff and pulled out a bag full of shells. I had pitures of couple of these pieces but I hated them. They weren't giving credit to their beauty. Hard to sell something you don't really like looking at then yourself. I know I make lovely things someone who doesn't have the chance of seeing my work was probably going on to someone else to make the choice of a present for a loved one.
I layed out all my equipment, tripod, lightbox, camera, lighting, displays and I tried different layouts. In the end, I liked them all. So I was taking couple of picture of each piece.
After my 13 hours at work, couple of hours taking pictures,I was exhausted but too curious to leave them on my memory card without sneaking on them. Another few hours later, my eyes were itching, I wanted my bed so bad but I made a test and started to post my creations on my Etsy boutique
I was soooooooooooo excited about the results and I'm very excited of sharing it with you.
Hope you like it :o)

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