Monday, October 5, 2009

My love story with the Habs...

As far as I can remember, I've been an Habs' fan. Well, I must take it from my hero, my Dad. I also remember, the morning after a game, my sister Stephanie and I fighting for the sports' section of "La Presse" so we could check out the our favorite players' statistics.

Growing up, I remember my favorite player been Kirk Muller, Claude Lemieux, Mats Naslund, Patrick Roy.

I was in grade 6 when the Montreal Canadians won the 1st Stanley Cup I can remember. It was crazy! I can still hear the anthem of the time... The final Count Down by Europe was playing on every radio station. Patrick Roy was named recipient of the Conn Smythe trophee. It was the beginning of a long and very successful career. These were the good old days...


The Montreal Canadiens played 11 rookies on their squad: Mike McPhee, Stephane Richer, Brian Skrudland, Mike Lalor, Patrick Roy, Steve Rooney, John Kordic, Claude Lemieux, David Maley, Sergio Momesso and Randy Bucyk. In addition the Canadiens in 1986 were the last team to win the Stanley Cup without making at least one trade during the regular season. The only changes in the teams lineup were through their minor league team AHL Sherbrooke Canadiens

Then a few years past and again... the 24th Stanley cup was in Montreal. Then I was a lifeguard at "La Plage de St-Zotique" We watched the finals on a 16" black and white TV... Paul Di Pietro scored the 4th goal and then Kirk Muller just secured the win with a 5th goal to lead to a Stanley Cup win 5-1 against the Gretzky's L.A. Kings. Then, the beer and booze were free flowing! But I was a little bit ashamed of my fellow Habs fans. They DESTROYED Ste-Catherine St, set Cops' cars on fire, broke stores windows etc... In the heat of the joy and hapiness, alcool can have a negative effect.

A few years later, my interest in hockey came back. I'm a hockey widow (with all the joy and tears that comes with it) I understand and respect my man's passion for the sport. I KNOW if we have kids, he or she will be a hockey player and I have nothing against that! I was myself an athlete as a kid and it teaches so much about discipline, team work, respect.

Now, after a few years, I got to get my Dad to the game. I think he's been more to Habs games tha he has ever been his whole life. Last year he went to Ottawa and he had the chance to go with me on February 28 against the San Jose Sharks... yeah yeah Torrey Mitchell is Eric's cousin so it was also a Family gathering for my Father-in-Law... We got to the Bell Center, all wearing our Habs jerseys. It was something... again this year Norm is going to the Bell Center again. This time to see the Buffalo Sabres on January 3rd, Christmas present... SHUUUUTTTTT!!!

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