Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My worst enemy...

I love creating. Sometimes I find I'm a little all over the place but one of my quality which I find a flaw in certain occasion.

I have to admit that I am the Queen of Procrastination. Ok, I've done it... guilty as charge. My boyfriend gets mad once and a while because I always wait to the last minute to take care of a project or start working on custom order.

Hopefully my move to another province will make my life a little easier. I've had a semi complete workshop at home. The only problem is that it's taking almost 3/4 of my kitchen. Isn't easy to procratinate when the TV is in the other room, cleaning up, fooling around... everything gather not to accomplish anything.

The New Year is at our doors. I take resolutions that stays for only couple of weeks but I need to concentrate on keeping my resolutions. So one morning, I got an email from a french website called Time Coach. For 2 weeks, I received pointers and ideas for managing my time and motivating myself a little more and better.
Tip#1 -> Set up objectives... whether it is in form of self motivation, set them up out loud or in writing, just make sure your precise about it. For example, I want to complete this piece of jewelry by this date. I will work on it every day from 7-9PM.
Tip#2 -> Communicate! Telling people around us about our projects and plans can be our savior! Let say you decide to change your eating habits but you don't tell anyone. Then people at work bring donuts muffins etc. The temptation will be there but if you spread the word that you decided to watch what you eat and you decided to exercise, then people are more conscious about it...
Tips#3 -> RELAX! But juste physically but mentally. Take a break, think about something else, do stuff that are out of your comfort zone not necessarly professional i.e. read your horoscope, a novel... your brain KNOWS when you're takling a break and appreciate it.
Tip#4 -> The power of Words. Words are energy booster people around you. Each word , sentence is a way to get then to be positive. Where am I going with this you're thinking?
To obtain more engagements, efficiency and to give a sense of responsability to people around you. Your best tool is positive communication.
Tip#5 -> LISTS LISTS LISTS!!! We make grocery lists why don't we make lists of things we want to accomplish during one day. Here some useful pointers for setup effective lists:
  • Order
  • Emergency rate
  • Priority level
  • Comments
  • lenght of time
  • Planification/schedule
  • Dead line
  • deleguate
The more list you get and follow the more efficent you'll become
Tip#6 -> Cencentration and God knows I can get myself wonder about 1000 miles away from what I should be doing. Centration is a voluntary act which focus your toughts toward a precise idea. Any creations are born from a semi-conscious accidental state which end up in a voluntary concentration. A sense of "let go" is natural for most of the well known artist where they become technician when they need to put their ideas into a work of art. Dream and concentrate into putting your dreams into creations :o)
Tip#7 -> The Super Hero technique... You know, Firefighters are constantly getting ready for an alert in many ways and are always on their toes when the alarm rings. We have to get ready for intense and busy days. So take about 15-30 min of your day to plan it define you daily goals, anticipate, communicate and imagine that day. Clark wears his Superman costume under his shirt so he's always ready to act. We are SuperHero with busy lives!

Now... time to put these tips in actions! Let me get back to you all with updates, who know!

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  1. Fais des listes met les dans ton agenda et suit le. Si cane fonctionne pas tu rempli mal ton agenda