Sunday, October 4, 2009

The birth of Dolphina...

I've been very manual as far as I can remember. My aunt was a very active member of "le Cercle des Fermieres" and was very gifted weaver, knitter, crocheter (including lace)... she had supplies in her basement, you could get lost there was so much stuff.

I think she awaken a solid interest in Arts and Crafts. I got a plastic sewing machine when I was about 5 years old which ironically I dropped on my big Toe so this wasn't really a good start. Few years past and my love for crafts was nothing but growing. At about 7, I tried to pick up knitting, watching my mom but still... I wasn't ready I guess. That very same year, I got my first real sewing machine. A Singer 1949 rebuilt from A to Z... not to hard to operate, "she" was doing one and only point... the forward one! And I got with that my 1st pattern for my Cabbage patch kid.

I think I still have it in my parents' basement. It's a piece of collection. It lasted a couple of years but I started to get better and I wish my machine would more... so I picked up the knitting needles again and this time, at about 10-11 years old, taught myself with image books and FINALLY I made it! Still up to this day, I can knit intricate cable patterns but still unable to correctly change colors or make a jacquard pattern. That's in my future classes projects. I made my first sweater. A 100% wool Aran sweater. I loved it very much but I was living in a room in my 1st year of college and the lady where I was living thought of doing the laundry for me, picked up everything and threw it in the wash (with my wool sweater... hichhh). She has a miniature Pomeranian, well the sweater would've fit the dog!

To get closer to now, back in 2005...after getting close to a burn out. While resting, since I can keep my hands unoccupied, I brought out my beads and polymer clay and started to make jewel again, got many compliments, I started to sell these to friends and family and decided to display my creations in shows and exhibitions.

In September 2005 I was register at Ecole de Joaillerie de Montreal where my creativity was taken to a completely different level... I was able to start from the roughness of the sterling silver grains to a finished piece of art.
I liked it so much that I decided to enroll in a full time college certificate to be able to fulfill my dreams of living from my art!

I love metal smith very much. I love the fact that I can follow the evolution of my creations from metal grains (silver, gold) to the finished product. I love big bold pieces that totally represent my personality. I just haven't really found my exact call in jewelry design. There's way too many possibility out there to make a only and simple choice. I've obviously worked with beads, seed beads, metal crocheting and knitting, felting, polymer clay... and I haven't yet found EXACTLY what makes me really passionate about my "Art call".

The story is to be continued... :o)

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  1. The sure thing is you are a gifted artist because you have talent AND inspiration AND you are game enough to go to the end of every challenge you see! I am proud and lucy to be your friend.