Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting better...

When I first got my best friend Elaine to try wet felting. I was a pretty rusty. I felted probably about 2-3 times last December and I put it aside for almost exactly 1 year! My 1st 2 attempts were complete disaster; too thin, with holes and stuff.

So I kept trying and yesterday, I tried to make a short scarf. I thought if the result is OK, I would like to offer it to my mom as a gift.

Here's the result, far from perfect but I think I'm gonna add some seed beads... stay tune for the final result...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG! DECEMBER!! Oh mon Dieu! C'est déjà Décembre!

Moins de 25 jours avant Noël... hummm... HEIN?! QUOI!!! Encore du temps mais quand même il ne faut quand même pas exagérer! Vous cherchez le cadeau parfait pour l'être cher, unique et hors de l'ordinaire? Je vous invite a visiter ma boutique Etsy et jusqu'au 17 décembre, la livraison est gratuite partout. Les pièces sont emballées, parfaits pour les cadeaux de dernière minute.

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Merci de votre support et j'aimerais profiter de l'occasion pour vous souhaitez, un très Joyeux temps des Fêtes!

25 days before Christmas... hummm... WHAT?! Still time left but still! Looking for the perfect present for the loved Ones, original and unique? Please visit my Etsy store for some gift ideas and until December 17, it's free shipping anywhere! The creation are coming already wrap, perfect for last minute shoppers!

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Thank for your support and I would like to take a few minutes to wish you a very Happy Holiday Seasons


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Transmitting the passion of felting...

A few weeks ago, I told my very good friend Elaine that I wanted to get her to try wool felting... I started to ask around for supply and I found Acorns Journey base out of Kingston. They have a large selection of blend of wool or merino wool.


Here was the content of the supply bag...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My worst enemy...

I love creating. Sometimes I find I'm a little all over the place but one of my quality which I find a flaw in certain occasion.

I have to admit that I am the Queen of Procrastination. Ok, I've done it... guilty as charge. My boyfriend gets mad once and a while because I always wait to the last minute to take care of a project or start working on custom order.

Hopefully my move to another province will make my life a little easier. I've had a semi complete workshop at home. The only problem is that it's taking almost 3/4 of my kitchen. Isn't easy to procratinate when the TV is in the other room, cleaning up, fooling around... everything gather not to accomplish anything.

The New Year is at our doors. I take resolutions that stays for only couple of weeks but I need to concentrate on keeping my resolutions. So one morning, I got an email from a french website called Time Coach. For 2 weeks, I received pointers and ideas for managing my time and motivating myself a little more and better.
Tip#1 -> Set up objectives... whether it is in form of self motivation, set them up out loud or in writing, just make sure your precise about it. For example, I want to complete this piece of jewelry by this date. I will work on it every day from 7-9PM.
Tip#2 -> Communicate! Telling people around us about our projects and plans can be our savior! Let say you decide to change your eating habits but you don't tell anyone. Then people at work bring donuts muffins etc. The temptation will be there but if you spread the word that you decided to watch what you eat and you decided to exercise, then people are more conscious about it...
Tips#3 -> RELAX! But juste physically but mentally. Take a break, think about something else, do stuff that are out of your comfort zone not necessarly professional i.e. read your horoscope, a novel... your brain KNOWS when you're takling a break and appreciate it.
Tip#4 -> The power of Words. Words are energy booster people around you. Each word , sentence is a way to get then to be positive. Where am I going with this you're thinking?
To obtain more engagements, efficiency and to give a sense of responsability to people around you. Your best tool is positive communication.
Tip#5 -> LISTS LISTS LISTS!!! We make grocery lists why don't we make lists of things we want to accomplish during one day. Here some useful pointers for setup effective lists:
  • Order
  • Emergency rate
  • Priority level
  • Comments
  • lenght of time
  • Planification/schedule
  • Dead line
  • deleguate
The more list you get and follow the more efficent you'll become
Tip#6 -> Cencentration and God knows I can get myself wonder about 1000 miles away from what I should be doing. Centration is a voluntary act which focus your toughts toward a precise idea. Any creations are born from a semi-conscious accidental state which end up in a voluntary concentration. A sense of "let go" is natural for most of the well known artist where they become technician when they need to put their ideas into a work of art. Dream and concentrate into putting your dreams into creations :o)
Tip#7 -> The Super Hero technique... You know, Firefighters are constantly getting ready for an alert in many ways and are always on their toes when the alarm rings. We have to get ready for intense and busy days. So take about 15-30 min of your day to plan it define you daily goals, anticipate, communicate and imagine that day. Clark wears his Superman costume under his shirt so he's always ready to act. We are SuperHero with busy lives!

Now... time to put these tips in actions! Let me get back to you all with updates, who know!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Ok, I've had a decent camera and a lightbox for about 2 years. I was never really happy with the result. My business name is a nickname I have for a while. I was looking for a decor that would unified all my pictures in order to have certain flow on my Etsy shop.

I've collection clutter for a while, with in mind, eventually have a purpose for it. You never know! So I started to dig in my stuff and pulled out a bag full of shells. I had pitures of couple of these pieces but I hated them. They weren't giving credit to their beauty. Hard to sell something you don't really like looking at then yourself. I know I make lovely things someone who doesn't have the chance of seeing my work was probably going on to someone else to make the choice of a present for a loved one.
I layed out all my equipment, tripod, lightbox, camera, lighting, displays and I tried different layouts. In the end, I liked them all. So I was taking couple of picture of each piece.
After my 13 hours at work, couple of hours taking pictures,I was exhausted but too curious to leave them on my memory card without sneaking on them. Another few hours later, my eyes were itching, I wanted my bed so bad but I made a test and started to post my creations on my Etsy boutique
I was soooooooooooo excited about the results and I'm very excited of sharing it with you.
Hope you like it :o)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let the inspiration come...

About 4 years ago, I took a class of polymer clay with a Quebec master, Mrs Myriam Bardoul. She was bron in Brussels, Belgium and she's been in the Eastern Township for many years. Every winter, she escapes the cold and snow of Quebec to trade off for Mexico warmth where she teaches.

I was used to polymer clay but back then it was fimo for me. Plain shape, no finishing... boring would be best to discribe my work but then with Myriam, I was introduced to toner image transfer, faux finishing etc...

I was then in school full time at CEGEP du Vieux-Montreal, in Jewellery design/metal smith so my inspirations was drawn others places and I put the Fimo aside for a while.

Last summer, I got together with my good friend Elaine and we spent a whole weekend getting our hands back into polymer clay. But this time, my interest was back full force! Between good food and rosé, the inspiration was back and I was happy.

After that awesome weekend, I started to reseac the web and I got 3 absolutely awesome books that are, in my opinions, bibles for polymer clay adepts.

The first one is by Ronna Sarvas Weltman available at for a very reasonnable price and I love the mix with wirework. I also had the great pleasure of finding her on Facebook, not only she is a great artist but she is also very generous of her time. I bombarded her with rookie technical questions and she reply within only few hours. WOW!

The 2 other books is from Kato Polyclay Guru herself, Donna Kato She is very well known since she was a regular guest on the HGTV Carol Duvall show, she published many books and she also came up with HER perfect polymer clay with the help of Van Aken.

The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects: Techniques and Projects Featuring Transfers, Stamps, Stencils, Inks, Paints, Mediums and More is an great reference for surface effects, all very well detailed and explained. She teaches a technique of making bangleand The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques: Projects and Inspiration for Creative Canework. I usually HATE millefiori but her work is so clean and perfect, you just can't love it. These 2 books are also available on for a very reasonnable price.

Today, I was inspired and I came up with very nice pieces...

Monday, October 5, 2009

My love story with the Habs...

As far as I can remember, I've been an Habs' fan. Well, I must take it from my hero, my Dad. I also remember, the morning after a game, my sister Stephanie and I fighting for the sports' section of "La Presse" so we could check out the our favorite players' statistics.

Growing up, I remember my favorite player been Kirk Muller, Claude Lemieux, Mats Naslund, Patrick Roy.

I was in grade 6 when the Montreal Canadians won the 1st Stanley Cup I can remember. It was crazy! I can still hear the anthem of the time... The final Count Down by Europe was playing on every radio station. Patrick Roy was named recipient of the Conn Smythe trophee. It was the beginning of a long and very successful career. These were the good old days...


The Montreal Canadiens played 11 rookies on their squad: Mike McPhee, Stephane Richer, Brian Skrudland, Mike Lalor, Patrick Roy, Steve Rooney, John Kordic, Claude Lemieux, David Maley, Sergio Momesso and Randy Bucyk. In addition the Canadiens in 1986 were the last team to win the Stanley Cup without making at least one trade during the regular season. The only changes in the teams lineup were through their minor league team AHL Sherbrooke Canadiens

Then a few years past and again... the 24th Stanley cup was in Montreal. Then I was a lifeguard at "La Plage de St-Zotique" We watched the finals on a 16" black and white TV... Paul Di Pietro scored the 4th goal and then Kirk Muller just secured the win with a 5th goal to lead to a Stanley Cup win 5-1 against the Gretzky's L.A. Kings. Then, the beer and booze were free flowing! But I was a little bit ashamed of my fellow Habs fans. They DESTROYED Ste-Catherine St, set Cops' cars on fire, broke stores windows etc... In the heat of the joy and hapiness, alcool can have a negative effect.

A few years later, my interest in hockey came back. I'm a hockey widow (with all the joy and tears that comes with it) I understand and respect my man's passion for the sport. I KNOW if we have kids, he or she will be a hockey player and I have nothing against that! I was myself an athlete as a kid and it teaches so much about discipline, team work, respect.

Now, after a few years, I got to get my Dad to the game. I think he's been more to Habs games tha he has ever been his whole life. Last year he went to Ottawa and he had the chance to go with me on February 28 against the San Jose Sharks... yeah yeah Torrey Mitchell is Eric's cousin so it was also a Family gathering for my Father-in-Law... We got to the Bell Center, all wearing our Habs jerseys. It was something... again this year Norm is going to the Bell Center again. This time to see the Buffalo Sabres on January 3rd, Christmas present... SHUUUUTTTTT!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The birth of Dolphina...

I've been very manual as far as I can remember. My aunt was a very active member of "le Cercle des Fermieres" and was very gifted weaver, knitter, crocheter (including lace)... she had supplies in her basement, you could get lost there was so much stuff.

I think she awaken a solid interest in Arts and Crafts. I got a plastic sewing machine when I was about 5 years old which ironically I dropped on my big Toe so this wasn't really a good start. Few years past and my love for crafts was nothing but growing. At about 7, I tried to pick up knitting, watching my mom but still... I wasn't ready I guess. That very same year, I got my first real sewing machine. A Singer 1949 rebuilt from A to Z... not to hard to operate, "she" was doing one and only point... the forward one! And I got with that my 1st pattern for my Cabbage patch kid.

I think I still have it in my parents' basement. It's a piece of collection. It lasted a couple of years but I started to get better and I wish my machine would more... so I picked up the knitting needles again and this time, at about 10-11 years old, taught myself with image books and FINALLY I made it! Still up to this day, I can knit intricate cable patterns but still unable to correctly change colors or make a jacquard pattern. That's in my future classes projects. I made my first sweater. A 100% wool Aran sweater. I loved it very much but I was living in a room in my 1st year of college and the lady where I was living thought of doing the laundry for me, picked up everything and threw it in the wash (with my wool sweater... hichhh). She has a miniature Pomeranian, well the sweater would've fit the dog!

To get closer to now, back in 2005...after getting close to a burn out. While resting, since I can keep my hands unoccupied, I brought out my beads and polymer clay and started to make jewel again, got many compliments, I started to sell these to friends and family and decided to display my creations in shows and exhibitions.

In September 2005 I was register at Ecole de Joaillerie de Montreal where my creativity was taken to a completely different level... I was able to start from the roughness of the sterling silver grains to a finished piece of art.
I liked it so much that I decided to enroll in a full time college certificate to be able to fulfill my dreams of living from my art!

I love metal smith very much. I love the fact that I can follow the evolution of my creations from metal grains (silver, gold) to the finished product. I love big bold pieces that totally represent my personality. I just haven't really found my exact call in jewelry design. There's way too many possibility out there to make a only and simple choice. I've obviously worked with beads, seed beads, metal crocheting and knitting, felting, polymer clay... and I haven't yet found EXACTLY what makes me really passionate about my "Art call".

The story is to be continued... :o)

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is it!

Oh well... I'm finally jumping in the wagon. This is the first post of, hopefully, many others to come.

We're Friday, the 2nd day of the month of October, Breast Cancer awareness month. My summer is ultimately over. Tonight will be the last one to sleep on the boat and tomorrow, we're getting everything out of it and up out of the water until next Spring.

I feel sad. This is the reality. The cold, rainy and windy days are to come. I never really had the chance of spending my weekends at a cottage, growing up. Now, I have my own floating cottage and this is just awesome. I discovered the "co-habitation" with my boats' neighbours. I had a wonderful summer, sharing BBQ's beers with Chris our friendly boat mechanic and our back neighbour, sipping drinks on the boat, having John and Dave over to chit chat, setting my lounge chair on the dock and reading the Twilight Saga over and over again, saying Hello to Stu and Liz and petting the lovely Ginger. That was my reality over the past summer.

We also had the chance of discovering our environment. We were "introduced" to beath taking spots. Simcoe Bay, Stella Bay, Prinyers' Cove and my favorite by far Big Sandy Bay, off the East tip of Wolf Island. We turned those trips into floating afternoon of pure fun and relaxation.

My first summer of Marina life and boating was just filled with memories and I can wait for the next one to come.