Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eventfull 48 hrs...

Monday morning I left Ottawa for Prevost, Quebec to meet with my friend Melanie Tremblay, owner of Ora Cosmetiques to discuss the possibilities of a sponsorship and try her facial and body care line.  Getting ready for comp, as you know plays with you water intake, dehydration of the skin.  Speaking for myself, I have very dry skin naturally so it gets worst the closer I get to a show.  Mel made me try the "Traitement minéral" or mineral treatment which is a body scrub made of 27 sea salts and was able to witness instant improvement in my skin texture and applied "Beurre Açaï" which is a moisturizer made of Acai extract and other minerals...  I use to have to put on a ridiculous amount of cream, butter to really hydrate, with this rich butter, a little nut is enough to cover my entire body! And face...  Lait prélift and the Acai de jour...  a skin cleanse + moisturizer are AWESOME not too greasy and I don't feel my face stretch because it's too dry...  I love it!  So I'm glad to be an "Ora" girl!

Then as many of you know, I lost my dear baby puppy Scooby in the street of the South-West part of Montreal for about 4-5 hrs and thank God for social network, because of Facebook I found my dog and made new friend with the nicest lady who looked after Scoob, Nicole Marier.  She told me the nicest thing ever...  "I don't have children but if I have had I would have loved a daughter like you!".  We hit it off right away and I have a new creative friend and a dog angel out there in Montreal...

To top it off, I treated myself with my dear and very talented friend Tamara DiLullo, artist, nail tech and owner of Candy Nail Bar located on St-Hubert corner Bellechasse in Montreal.  Candy Nail has been featured in a number of Canadian Magazines, TV shows  and won many prizes for creativity.  I gave her complete freedom of creativity and she knows I love pink so...  YES I love strawberries...  I was born in the heart of strawberry season and my mom was stirring strawberry jam when she had her 1st contractions ;o)  Isn't that cute?!  I posted the ones she had done for me in December...  it is simply Art on nails!

For an appointment call 514-276-7835

Monday, May 14, 2012

Every morning...

Well, 1st HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom out there!

I'm not a "real" mom and will probably never be but a little bit then a year ago, I picked up a little fury creature that would change my life for ever.  I'd say I'm the mother of a fury little shy ball of affection.  He use to go to doggie day care, no he goes and run with bigger guys.  He's got slack more then he's got rules, he's a "velcro" dog, a sucker for attention and he's healthy, fit and full of energy!

I'll be honest...  I've been waking up at 4:30AM for over 5 months.  At first, like anything else, it wasn't easy.  But now if I wake up later then 5, I feel lazy so it's part of my weekly routine.  Not always easy but...  motivated or not, disciplined or not, cold or not, Scooby doesn't care.  He needs to go outside...  and he keeps mommy going, rain or shine, 35 or -35!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking for motivation and hardcore stuff...

I love food (can't hide it!) and it's a love-hate relationship since I was born...  So sticking to a diet and training is hard everyday but Oh! so worth it.  Since show, I've been indulging...  indulging a lot!  Today is the day the muscle building plan start for the fall.  I need it, I need that structure and those goals to keep me going...  That's the way it is...

Besides my local inspirations Sara (my dear coach), Emily Stirling,
Jenny Beland...  On the national level, DLB is the one!

Hopefully, by the time I get ready for show, I'll be able to do this:
5 for 5 for 25!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Double personality? Me??

Long wait at the Finals in Cobourg :o)
Ok...  as much as I LOVE working out, my alter-ego LOVE craft.  As far as I can remember I've been playing with fabric, yarn...  anything I could create with.  Later it was sterling silver, gold, stones...  I've always been torn between creating for a living or do it as a passion.  Living from art in Canada is quite hard so I decide to use my passion as a way to relax and keep myself busy.  If you know me, you know I always carry a project or 2 around IN CASE I'm bored.

For the 4 last years, I've been on a pretty serious dry spell, inspiration wise I mean. Well the good new is...  IT'S BACK!  And I have a space, well 2 I should say.  My head is bursting with inspiration and now I have an happy place to put into action. I'm happy.

As of this coming Thursday, it's a new start in a lot of aspect of my life.  A lot has came out of my 1st figure contest. I know I've said it many times but I'm thankful for all the blessings in my life...  my man, my friends, my support system.  The more I realize helping is a huge part of what content me.  Big decisions are in the future but all for the best.  I'm looking forward to new challenges, I love my life for the 1st time in a long time...

Stay tune for new creations on my Facebook page Dolphina Creations

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nothing happens for nothing they say...

2 weeks ago...  I was still on cloud, after 15 months of hard work and closet to 60 lbs off my body, after 14 weeks of preparation, discipline, commitment, sweat, blood and tears, after a week from HELL!  Yeah because I had been warn and told that pre-contest mode was hard I never really understood the extend of the physique but especially the mental effect of carbo-hydrate depletion.
Finals in Cobourg, April 21 2012
But I survived and I succeed and now I've been stung by the stage rush, that powerful feeling of accomplishment and to able to say "I did it!  I realized a 15 years old dream and I can keep doing it because despite the fact that I am 36 years old I might be successful in something.  I can be a role model for ladies that struggle with weight and food addiction all their life.

This Thursday is a new beginning in a lot of ways...  New diet, workout, goals...  maybe even a completely different career who knows...

In the mean time...  My coach Sara Fennell's website