Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nothing happens for nothing they say...

2 weeks ago...  I was still on cloud, after 15 months of hard work and closet to 60 lbs off my body, after 14 weeks of preparation, discipline, commitment, sweat, blood and tears, after a week from HELL!  Yeah because I had been warn and told that pre-contest mode was hard I never really understood the extend of the physique but especially the mental effect of carbo-hydrate depletion.
Finals in Cobourg, April 21 2012
But I survived and I succeed and now I've been stung by the stage rush, that powerful feeling of accomplishment and to able to say "I did it!  I realized a 15 years old dream and I can keep doing it because despite the fact that I am 36 years old I might be successful in something.  I can be a role model for ladies that struggle with weight and food addiction all their life.

This Thursday is a new beginning in a lot of ways...  New diet, workout, goals...  maybe even a completely different career who knows...

In the mean time...  My coach Sara Fennell's website

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  1. you are such an inspiration!!! everytime I think of even complaining about my workout I think of you!!! and how amazing you did!!! well done on realizing your dream and achieving your goals!!!