Friday, March 30, 2012

Competition is VERY fast approaching and the diet will become harder and harder so I'm looking for ways to ease off the process.  I just noticed on Tanis Fiber Art blog that she has a give away where Tanis (the mastermind behind the most delightful yarn on earth and BONUS! it's made in Quebec!!!) ask to pick a color package for a baby blanket...  WOW!  I can't pick!  They're all in shades of blues or pinks!  I'm debating between the Blues, Original and the Reds...  Winning, I'd made her pick for me and surprise me!
What would I do with it?...  Convert it to a scarf, a shawl...  I'm exploring designing so...

Check it out yourself!

Who knows!
I might have enough to keep me same the week prior to April 21...

P.S...  On the picture, my 1st real lace shawl made in TFA Yellow Label... I love it!  IT'S PINK!

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