Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eventfull 48 hrs...

Monday morning I left Ottawa for Prevost, Quebec to meet with my friend Melanie Tremblay, owner of Ora Cosmetiques to discuss the possibilities of a sponsorship and try her facial and body care line.  Getting ready for comp, as you know plays with you water intake, dehydration of the skin.  Speaking for myself, I have very dry skin naturally so it gets worst the closer I get to a show.  Mel made me try the "Traitement minéral" or mineral treatment which is a body scrub made of 27 sea salts and was able to witness instant improvement in my skin texture and applied "Beurre Açaï" which is a moisturizer made of Acai extract and other minerals...  I use to have to put on a ridiculous amount of cream, butter to really hydrate, with this rich butter, a little nut is enough to cover my entire body! And face...  Lait prélift and the Acai de jour...  a skin cleanse + moisturizer are AWESOME not too greasy and I don't feel my face stretch because it's too dry...  I love it!  So I'm glad to be an "Ora" girl!

Then as many of you know, I lost my dear baby puppy Scooby in the street of the South-West part of Montreal for about 4-5 hrs and thank God for social network, because of Facebook I found my dog and made new friend with the nicest lady who looked after Scoob, Nicole Marier.  She told me the nicest thing ever...  "I don't have children but if I have had I would have loved a daughter like you!".  We hit it off right away and I have a new creative friend and a dog angel out there in Montreal...

To top it off, I treated myself with my dear and very talented friend Tamara DiLullo, artist, nail tech and owner of Candy Nail Bar located on St-Hubert corner Bellechasse in Montreal.  Candy Nail has been featured in a number of Canadian Magazines, TV shows  and won many prizes for creativity.  I gave her complete freedom of creativity and she knows I love pink so...  YES I love strawberries...  I was born in the heart of strawberry season and my mom was stirring strawberry jam when she had her 1st contractions ;o)  Isn't that cute?!  I posted the ones she had done for me in December...  it is simply Art on nails!

For an appointment call 514-276-7835

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