Thursday, August 2, 2012

The show must go on...

Well, as some of you probably already know...  On Sunday, July 29 at 5PM, my dear Mamie took her last breath and joined 13 of the 14 Collins' siblings as well as my grand-father, Jean-Claude. 

Everyone is heartbroken...  she was a fine lady but she finally decided to let go.  Our family will be accepting condolences this coming weekend in St-Zotique

I will be fore ever grateful for all the good memories, the fact that she was there for all the important moments and for her wise advices...

I keep in mind her soft glance and her smile...  "Be good, honest and forgiven even when it hurts..."  I can hear her in my head for the last couple of day... 

"On ne choisi jamais de vieillir
On voudrai rever un peu plus
La vie n'est pas faite pour mourir
On meurt souvent bien entendu
Car la vie est si fragile..."

Merci Luc De La Rocheliere pour ces paroles appaisantes

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  1. Sophie!
    Write some post! I just find out your blog. Miss you!