Monday, July 16, 2012

Though times...

Nothing new but my biggest struggle in life is food.  I know for fact that emotions have a Lot to do with my food consumption and control.  Excuses or not… last 2 weeks have been extremely rough.  Bad news came as an unpleasant surprise.  My almost 95 years old grand-mother has been told she has a 3-4 years undiagnosed cancer.

I love my grand mother to pieces.  She is one extraordinary woman, the oldest of 14 kids of which she’s one of 2 still alive.  She’s seen a lot, travelled the world, loved dearly by all of us, her family.

I had to see her, talk to her, hold her and hug her… she still smiles like there was nothing.  She is serene but I can tell she’s tired.  It is painful but I know she’s had a good life surrounded by the people she loves and that love her very much.  When the time comes, I will be devastated but aren’t we all a little selfish when it is time to let go.  She made and is still making a major mark in our lives and I will be forever grateful for everything she thought me and all the good memories I have with her.

Made for Mamie with all my heart!
For Christmas, I had almost finished my nice February Lady Sweater but I was missing buttons.  The sweater had been sitting for a while buttonless until last week.  I brought the knit but forgot the buttons in Ottawa so I messaged my Facebook friend Becky Geoffrey desperate for matching buttons.  2 days later I got a message that the buttons were ready for pick up.  
She now has a little part of me and she did really appreciate it because she is always cold during the day.  

Hopefully, this is not the last time I see her but she told me 3 very important things: be good to others, be honest and be forgiving no matter how painful and hard it can be.  

Now, I need to be strong because there is no excuses not to get ready.  My rivals won't have anything to stop them.  I need to get myself together and work as hard as I can.  The competition will be fierce and I WANT to be up to part.  

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