Friday, July 2, 2010

What laziness can make me do...

Oh well... my fUnKy socks are on hold since I couldn't make it to knitting class on Tuesday (forgive me, it was my birthday! hihi) and since it was a Holiday yesterday, the Knit'n'Bitch session was cancelled Wednesday night (and I got called in to work) and yesterday was closed. I'm at the crucial point and I don't want to mess things up so I should be able to make it to Tom's Place tomorrow night and take up on Alana's offer of a girlie cocktail for my belated birthday! Hihihi... yeah for me!

So the semi-organized person that I am and especially because I'm always afraid not having any projects to keep my hands busy, I bought 2 balls of Patons stretch sock yarn + a free pattern for Spiral "TUBE" socks... JEEZ I'm going from tube to REAL socks then back to tube... REGRESSION!!! But the yarn is fun and the pattern too! But I have a new project in mind... Thanks to Kathy AKA TechQuilter for bringing her Mystery socks to last Thursday class. They're beautiful and I would love to have a p!nk pair!

Since my birthday was last Tuesday (yeah, I'm an old fart of 35), my mom place an Amazon order and got me "Joy of Sox" where I fell in love with "takeout for two" from Cathy Caron, I'm so excited to start them. I would like to find cool color (yes, p!nk again and other fUnKy colors). I was lucky enough to had her on Ravelry and we've been exchanging messages for the last few days. She's really fun.

And to stay on a business mode, I started to move my workshop down to my In-laws. I dropped off my form to get a spot on the "Princess promenade" in Kingston taking place July 310 2010. I SERIOUSLY NEED TO IN PRODUCTION MODE!!!

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